Call for papers: Private law of the Republic of Korea


The year 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea. During the past three decades relations between the two neighboring countries developed vigorously in many fields. However in the field of jurisprudence the exchange of ideas and cooperation in organizing various academic programs between Russia and Korea leaves much to be desired. For this reason Russian and Korean jurists know very little about each other which in turn makes it difficult to further develop relations. The growth in trade and economic relations creates increasing demand for the knowledge of private law and especially civil law of each other’s country. Therefore there is much practical importance in studying the civil law of the partner country. 

Quite unsurprisingly, the civil law of Russia and Korea do not differ greatly. On the contrary, they share a lot in common. The civil law of both countries have their roots in Roman law. Also they are both Continental law countries and based on the Pandect system which signifies the strong influence of German law. Moreover especially of late, there is a growing tendency for a strong influence of common law on the Civil law of Russia and Korea. This creates both complex problems and new opportunities for the development of jurisprudence in the two countries. 

Also Russian law is very important for Korean law since it was Soviet civil law that laid the foundation of civil law in North Korea. Therefore it is a must for Korean jurists studying the law of North Korea to delve into Russian law, which serves as a critical indirect source of reference. 

All in all, there are numerous reasons for studying the civil law of each other’s country. In this regard and in honoring the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Russia and Korea, we would like to create a special issue of the journal dedicated to the private law of the Republic of Korea. The subject of this special issue may include any topics that examine the practical and doctrinal problems of civil law that may help Russian readers to better understand Korean private law.

Therefore, we would like to invite the prominent authors to contribute to this issue of the journal and deliver papers tackling these fascinating questions.

The articles (written in English or in Russian, from 0.75 to 2 author’s sheets (the author’s sheet is a unit of 40,000 characters, spaces included)) must be uploaded to the journal’s website by the date indicated  below using the link:

While editing your article, please observe our style guide, available at the website of the journal. We need to have your article at the 31st of December 2020 at the latest.

For the editors of the Journal Pravovedenie (Jurisprudence)

Editors of this issue

Myoung Soonkoo and Lee Jewoo

Myoung Soonkoo - PhD, professor at the School of Law, Korea University (Rep. of Korea)

Lee Jewoo - PhD, assistant professor at the Department of Real Estate and Construction, Kangnam University (Rep. of Korea)