Andrey Vasilevich Polyakov

Andrey Vasilevich Polyakov -Doctor of Sciences (Law), Associate Professor (dotsent)

Research areas:

Legal Theory, Legal Philosophy, History of Legal Philosophy, History of Legal Doctrines, History of Legal Doctrines in Russia, Contemporary Theory and Philosophy of Law in Foreign Countries, Lawful State and Social Justice, Human Rights 

Prof. Polyakov has headed and successfully completed a number of SPbU-funded research projects on theoretical and applied issues of legal theory and history of legal doctrines in 2009-2012, 2011, and 2011-2013.

Awards, merit awards, honorary titles

First Prize of SPbU for monograph General Theory of Law: Phenomenological and Communicative Approach. Lecture Course. SPbU Prize “For Teaching Mastery”.

Public, advisory and other activity

Expert of Russian Foundation for Humanities (since 2011); Editor-in-Chief of the Legal Studies journal (Pravovedenie); Editor-in-Chief of Russian Yearbook of Legal Theory; Member of Editorial Board of the Rechtstheorie journal.

Brief biography

Andrey Polyakov was born on 12 December 1954. In 1977, he graduated from the Faculty of Law, St. Petersburg State University (Soviet name: Leningrad State University). After graduation worked as investigator in Prosecutor’s Office, legal advisor, teacher of law in I.P. Pavlov Leningrad Medical Institute. In 1987, defended a doctoral thesis titled “Revival of natural law in Russia: Critical analysis of major concepts”. Since 1991, Prof. Polyakov has been working at the Department of Theory and History of State and Law, Faculty of Law, St. Petersburg State University – as a lecturer, associate professor and then as a professor. In 2002, defended a post-doctoral dissertation titled “Communicative theory of law: Genesis and theoretical-legal substantiation”, where the authentic Russian version of communicative theory of law was grounded. Prof. Polyakov’s communicative theory was analyzed in two-volume monograph Communicative Theory of Law and Contemporary Problems of Jurisprudence. To 60th Birthday of Andrey Vasilevich Polyakov (St. Petersburg: Alef-Press, 2014). The contributions to the book were made by more than 50 renowned scholars from the world’s major research centres (Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Argentina, Hungary, Belgium, Estonia, Canada, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland, the US). Prof. Polyakov delivers lectures and seminars on the theory of law and state, legal philosophy, history of legal doctrines, history and methodology of jurisprudence, lawful state and social justice. Prof. Polyakov is actively engaged in doctoral students research supervision.